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Find Your Soulmate through Astrology

Find Your Soulmate through Astrology

Find Your Soulmate through Astrology is a guide to help you find your perfect match for a loving and lasting relationship. Learn winning methods and strategies for finding your Special One . The answer is in the astrological signs. Once you commit to work through the simple guidelines outlined for you and follow the formula invented by Sylvan, you will find your soul mate in sixteen dates or less. Your Soulmate will complete your life and bring you to a level of happiness you never dreamed possible. No more wishful thinking…take action!

A Precise Formula for Finding Your Soul Mate Sylvan is the first author I have read that creates a precise formula using astrological influences as a guidepost for finding one's soul mate, and he gives his reader action steps on how to narrow their search along the way. More than just a 'how to' book, Find Your Soulmate through Astrology is a compelling read that takes you on a journey through the author's quest to find out the meaning of life and to find the spouse of his dreams. After a marriage of convenience went sour and past the prime of his life, he had an awakening that he had not found the other half of his Soul, the one and only person in existence who could inspire him be a better person and take him to greater heights than he could have ever dream of by himself. When he finds the secret to this revelation, he creates a formula and that's what the book is centered around and why it is so interesting. It is most definitely new and fresh material in this genre. I thoroughly enjoyed his writings and have passed the book along to my best friend to read. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
– Anne2848