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Woman is the Key


In this modern age and clever thinking,
Many intelligent folks and beautiful women,
End up being single.
“Where are the men?”
Ask the lively woman.
“How come they have lost interest?”
“Why is it they are not dedicated
To make me and others tingle?”
“How does love and relationships,
Happen in this modern world?”
Asks the frustrated single maid.
“Why have men forgot,
To sing me songs and serenade?”
“It must be his fault,”
She believes without thinking.
“It must be the plastics in their food,
Or some other perversion,
Which are not quite understood.”
She is satisfied,
Blame is somewhere else,
And not in her mind,
Then she lets her destiny,
To be directed by shear chance.
She keeps remembering lost melodies
Instead of learning a new dance.
Most important yet,
She does not remember,
The important principals,
She must never ever forget.
Woman is the “Love Master”
Woman is responsible for the “Kiss,”
She is also the “Home Maker,”
And the bearer of heavenly gifts.
Please stop nagging,
Go after your need,
Realize it requires thinking,
To get everything you please.
Man needs woman,
It is a necessity on him,
But not just any woman,
But one who allows him to be competent,
And not one,
Who makes him impotent.
Yes! Woman is the key,
Being “Bread Winner,”
Blurred your vision…
It faded your female graces…
Now you look for a man,
Imposing him conditions,
And showing him unpleasant faces.
Go ahead and be the enchanted princess,
With the gorgeous hair,
Cascading from her tower,
This will attract the eager warriors,
Dying to climb your ladder.
This is for sure to happen,
The amount of the numbers I am not sure,
Just choose the best among them,
The one that in all ages,
Will keep you enchanted,
And his manliness you will endure.