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Until Midnight

Once upon a time, there was a Princess that had to leave the dance.
It was close to midnight and she couldn’t take a chance,
So she waited until the last minute
and then she ran out of time.

In all that hurry she slipped and lost her shoe. 

She couldn’t look for it since midnight was her curfew.
The Prince followed her, but she was quick as light.
He could not find her, even with all his power and might.

The Princess was Cinderella and the next day she was again a maid.

She could not understand why her godmother didn’t let her stay the previous night with her date.
The Prince was lonely. He knew he had found his mate.
And needed Cinderella, for he was very anxious to find her and book another date.

The Prince had a problem. He knew Soul-Mates are hard to find,

Snd everyone believes this to be true,
We all know that we need them…but how to find them?
We just do not have a clue.

We look at the beauty, the shape and the grace;

but these are physical features, and with time we all know they will change.
You have to look for the Aura and the chemistry of your candidate but nobody taught you this;
That is the reason why you can’t find your perfect dish.

She is your most precious treasure and you have to look for her with all your might,

And like in the story of Cinderella, you must find your way before midnight.