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To My Best Friend


It was some time ago you and I,
Were happily married,
After these many years,
We seemed to forget how to be merrier.

Our lives were full and happy,
A man was in my life,
Now after this empty time,
I realized there was something missing,
Not allowing me to rhyme.

You lost your man by fate,
I lost mine by choice,
Either way you look at it,
We simply were missing,
Our lover’s whispering voice.

I did not know what is was,
Or, if I had this important need,
Now here comes this man,
Showing me how to proceed.

Yes, Vincent came,
Signing his magic song,
I felt the power in me,
I knew how to respond.

Today my life is happy
Much, much more than what I want,
This man made the difference,
He must be carrying,
A magic invisible wand.

Alex, be happy for me,
And do not worry about my future,
You know I am a cautious woman,
And can deal with anyone,
From any place or culture.

My future holds great things for me,
I know this because of this man,
Like he says often to me,
“It is all about finding your rhyme”.

To rhyme and be happy,
To rhyme and reach the skies,
To have a man who loves me,
To fuse with him until I die.