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Poetry Found Me

And the time came

In a dull day

When my heart was in misery,

That poetry found me.

My Love had departed,

My life was empty,

My emotions bruised,

No where in site I could see,

To get myself happy or to find another pretty.

I alone and distracted

By my solitude,

Looked for understanding,

To get a more positive attitude

Poetry came to my mind,

In my darkest hour of bruised emotions,

I had to find peace,

I had to seek redemption.

Yes, poetry found me!

It was not a loud voice,

It was not a burst of emotion,

Or a conscious need,

Of paying more attention.

She found me?

Was it I who found her?

No matter, for we are together

Ever since that day,

As two lovers in bloom

Feeding each other’s way.

Blind wisdom awakening,

Burnt desire unfulfilled,

Oh, poetry, my friend!

           Feed me in this dark hour,

          And show me the right way.

From the seeds you nourish me,

Wings I must grow

To fly again and conquer,

New life, new horizons, new role.

Yes, you feed me

And  make me be alone,

But I want; I need…more and more.