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Poem to Wounded Lovers

It is a new day today!
And my fire?
Where is it?
I used to be myself, bright,
Sparkling….full of zest.

Today I am wounded,
With arrows of sorrow piercing my heart.
Is there a way to heal my emotions?
Can I again indulge in my creations?

My love hurt me without mercy in the past,
Then, it went away and disappeared…,
It did not last!

I loved him!
He was my pillar,
The source of my dream,
With him I was a happy flower,
On the shore of a stream.

He left me, saying, “You are too cruel,”
I blamed him for creating the duel.
Now I hate him!
My heart is full of anger!
God! Be merciful and help me see,
It tears me apart,
This consuming hunger.

A poet once said,
“Love is a passing fancy,”
He forgot to add….,
“It leaves you hurt also…without mercy”.

No more of this sorrow!
That was yesterday.
I want to live today,
And also tomorrow!

I will forget the bitter moments in the past,
And I will remember only,
The happy memories
Which did last.

Yes! These happy moments are there,
In the deep corners of my mind,
From which I can gain strength,
Against this solitude,
Which stops me to rhyme.

Anger be gone!
Stop tightening my wings.
There is no room for you in my soul,
I will face you,
And you will dissipate…
And disappear in the winds.
I need to heal my wounds,
And be ready for a new date.

He is handsome and strong,
I know!
He also will sing me a new song.

A song which I never heard before,
Full of passion and melody…
With the trimmings of folklore.

I thank the Heavens for the lessons of the past….
And, I know for certain
My new love will meant to last.