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Poem to My Opposite

It occurred to me today,

As a thought came to mind,

That the reason that I am not great,

Is because you don’t make me rhyme.


And I think, why is this to be?

I love you,..

And I think you are my mate?

But as I reason and meditate

I realize that if we

Have to follow our natures,

We must have to separate.


This will be hard and painful,

Tears will come to our eyes,

Emotions will be shattered

And I will make you cry.


But I have a duty to my Maker

And this is greater than I am,

Please forgive me darling,

But I have to find my rhyme.


To rhyme and embrace greatness,

To rhyme and reach the skies,

To rhyme and find my Maker,

To rhyme and make myself shine.