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Our Encounter

Dearest beloved,

Today we have finally met,

And I overcame all the fears,



Thinking of you,


My emotions,


Bring to my face,


Some furtive tears.



Properly I will try to explain,


How wonderfully,


You and I entertain.



I knew we had,


With each other a match,


But, I was short on realizing,


Someone like you,


Was single for me to catch.



In our meeting I did not tell you,


My most important truth,


About the reason,


That I came here….



It was to find people,


With greater truth.



Truly I was looking


To find a very special date,


A special woman,


For me to serenade….



And as the years passed,


I came to the conclusive knowledge,


She would be nothing less,


Than my Soul Mate.



I did not tell you this,


In your presence,


I thought it may appear cheap, vulgar,


And with lack of essence.



Hope you had as great a time


As I did….



I know I can brighten,


Your life much more yet,


And I say this


Without conceit.



You passed my test,


With flying colors.


I realized you were real,


And not a product,


Of my imagination.



Now it is up to me,


To keep you enchanted,


To that end


I will put my outmost attention.



Rhyme with me,


In this new venture of our lives,


Sing joyfully and with passion,


Tomorrow is very promising…



We will be involved,


With a lot of action.



“Mountains to climb,


Towers to build,


Hearts to enchant,


Happiness to endure.”



Do they sound familiar?


The lines which you send me?



Those were the lines,


That turned me around,


Those were the thoughts,


That awoke me.



Thank you Victoria,


For being who you are!


Without your magic,


I would still be a sleeping prince,



Now I am awake,


And ready to spread my wings.