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New Beginning


I woke up this morning,

My strength was renewed,

I felt like a new man,

My loneliness was subdued.


After my empty nights,

And lonely sleep,

I am searching for the flower,

That I will gladly meet.


I am in a hurry, bold, with new sense . . .

Trying to catch up for the time of my silence.


Cyberspace seems to be the place to start,

It is more crowded with singles in need . . .

This is the place (I think)

That we will likely meet.


I search other ponds,

In different forests,

And I have traveled South,

Smelling the roses . . .


Landing in this pond,

With the ladies having doubting moods…

I got interested, excited…

I will try hard not to be rude.


My hope is great,

Mi vision substantiated…

My Love?….

Ay . . .

My love needs to be,

Greatly meditated.

I am enchanted,
By this place,
I am proud,
To show you all my new face,

Warmth and happiness is in my soul,

I know this will improve this cyberspace.


My touch and demeanor,

Are Quijotescos,

This means;

“I will shine,

If you compensate my writings,

With your very best affections.”


I will shine tomorrow

And many days more

Without sorrow . . .


I will give my warmth and I will guide . . .

But you have to exchange with me,

Just like…. If you were my new bride.


Your melody

Very much I do need,

Be brave and courageous,

And tell me what is that you seek.


Hope this poetry will brighten you,

And make you shine,

So, you can sprout beautiful roses,

That others may find.

Again, give of your fragrance

To the Earth and the Sky

And like an air plant that you are . . .

Be sustained by the Light.