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My House

My house, the place where I rest,

Where I dream,

Where my thoughts and ideas I debate,

Where my intimacy is protected,

Where my body gets the energy

To fight another day.

It is here I keep my treasures,

My collections of art and jewels,

Which give me great pleasures.

My house, were I romance my wife,

Where my children grow,

Where I plan our future,

And lead my family,

Where our lives profusely glow.

My house, my castle symbolically I’ll say,

It is a divine place for my soul to serenade.

Yes to serenade,

It is here where I get the inspiration,

The melody, the proper balance…

Where I am truly connected,

With my soul-mate.

My house, it is here,

Where I keep history of my roots,

Where I keep the treasures,

My ancestors left behind

Which bring to my life,

Such wonderful fruits.

My house, my castle,

Which makes me feel like a king,

And helps my greatness,

Come out from within.