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In Pain

I traveled many miles

Before landing

In this pond today,

My wings are tired,

I am cold and hungry

And do not know how to pray.

Some time I need

To be able to heal

To rest from my tiredness..

Gain new strength

Get new friends

Push away my loneliness. 


Your input I care,

Very much to have,

With only good humor,

Humble acquaintance…

Good and healthier laughter,

And not a thread,

Of emotional disturbance.


Will time and your care

Help me to heal?

I  have my doubts….

But they are here because,

Everything looks so unreal.

You have in your power,

The natural healing to make mestrong,

I know this to be true,

It is in your nature,

I know I am not wrong.


You are the rainbow

That may come into my life,

You may also be wounded,

With some dust,

And a little bruised pride.


Our chemistry is meant to interact,

Our melody to sing together…

Our souls to connect,

Our joy to endure forever.

Help me to recover,

In my wounded hour,

Consider me for a date…

Have face on my strength,

Even if it looks now that,

I am not a good candidate.

Vincent Sylvan