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I Know You Love Me

It occurred to me today,
There must be a reason,
For me coming back to see you,
It is not because you are nice,
Or because you are beautiful;
It must be something else,
Glorious and wonderful.

As you kissed me tonight,
My heart skip a bit,
I did not know how much
I care or how much,
You influence me.

First it was surprise,
Next I was full of wonder,
I need to get my answers,
All these emotions,
Brought me to ponder.

Is she the right one?
Will she understand me?
Can she be the perfect date?
It is difficult to find out,
To avoid making a mistake.

I know you love me,
It is the way you look at me.
Your happiness when we are together,
How well we entertain,
And how easy I imagine,
Being with you for ever.

I know you love me,
It is written all over your face,
It is the melody in your voice,
It is the peace I find with you,
With so much activity,
And without any noise.

I know you love me,
And marriage is in your mind,
Your search is finally over,
Sorry that I was hard to find.