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After Seven Years of Marriage

After seven years of marriage,

Second time around,

I couldn’t help myself,

But to find exactly what I want.


There were the mistakes of my past,

There were the emotions unfulfilled,

There were the crazy hours,

Which tormented me in my dreams.


“She has to be there!”

Said I one lonely day,

“There has to be a lovely maiden,

For me to serenade.”


With this banner I faced the world,

I looked and looked

Searching and searching in my quest,

Meeting lovely maidens,

But none fulfilling my request.


Then, one wonderful day,

Victoria crossed my path,

She also was carrying her banners,

But the thing which attracted my attention,

Was the way she added her math.


She had a long list of needs,

She was determined to have them all,

They seemed pretty reasonable,

For other folks of younger age,

But, for the two of us to consider,

Achieving them…?

Anyway…I was totally amazed!

We connected in a friendly way;

My curiosity trying to understand her math;

She liked my poems;

All these got us deeper in our path.

Eventually the path led to marriage;

I could not believe how easy it was

To love again a beautiful woman,

To fuse with her until the very last.

We are now married for seven years,

Our days are too wonderful to explain,

Our lives are happier than ever,

“I love you too much,” is her only complaint.


Her list was completed long time ago,

But she discovered new items to add,

This has happened several times over the years,

And…I still do not understand her math.


The happiness we are experiencing together,

Is nowhere written on the books,

It is not how clever you are,

How much money you got,

Or the shape of your looks.

It is about connecting to the right woman,

Carrying a long list of needs,

Writing her lovely melody,

Every time the two of you do meet.


A woman may come to you,

With a long list of items.

You may think she doesn’t know her math,

But if she fulfills your dreams,

Together you will find your path.


This path is heaven on Earth.

It is unknown totally to you.

Walk together in a stroll.

After a while you will realize

Your dreams were way too small.