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One Boomer’s Opinion

    I was on a plane flying from city to city with my wife. The plane was full and we couldn’t sit together, so I ended up sitting beside a nice man in his sixties traveling by himself. He was an author like myself, and also an extrovert. My mission at every opportunity I [...]

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Religion is good…but…?

Religion is a way of life not only in our civilized world, but it has been for thousands of years the main driving force of many past cultures. Religion has done well in past generations, giving hope in critical situations and also as a tonic in difficult moments in people’s life. Religion was also responsible [...]

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Do We Have the Right Partner?

Do we have the right partner in the emotional department? And how important is that? I think this subject is the root of the true happiness for everyone. We have to build the foundation before we can build the building on top. A good foundation will hold a building many stories high.   Don’t you [...]

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Your Birth

Your Birth

  Once upon a time a baby was born. This baby was you! You were born in a particular place, to your own parents, in a particular day, month and year. There was a reason for that event. Don’t you think so?   As we analyze this event, we discovered this baby was very special. You had [...]

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The Most Important Thing

By now you know that the most important thing to do is to find your Soul-Mate as soon as possible. Of course, for couples that are engaged or married it is going to be difficult, because the space reserved for your Soul-Mate is now occupied by another person for which you probably feel some kind [...]

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When Soul Mates Join

  The Soul Mate. What happens when you join with him or her? It is so fantastic that I do not know where to start. Let me give you an example;   I found my lady at an age when most people are already dead. I mean physically dead. That was after my 55th birthday. We got [...]

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Why Do We Love?

Ayn Rand, the author and philosopher who wrote Fountainheads and Atlas Shrugged, once said, “You love people for their virtues!” But I say; “Those virtues may not do anything for you emotionally!” Others may say, “I love him for what he does for me.” But then you may feel guilty because you do not do too much [...]

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The Analysis of Being Selfish

In the goal to get your soul-mate, there are three best qualities you need to have: be selfish, be selfish, be selfish. This word has been distorted for generations to the point which all of you think it is bad to be selfish. Here is what Webster’s dictionary says about this word. “Devoted to or caring only for oneself; [...]

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The Soul Mate (Real or Fairy Tale?)

  The “Soul Mate” is a subject many people talk about without much faith. The reality is this subject has become a fairy tale due to the fact that to find this person who will complement you, and make your life happier than by you alone, seems to be an impossible task. We were born [...]

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What is “Dust”?

  Everybody knows what dust is, right?  But do you know that your Soul-Mate is also called “The Duster”? No, you probably did not know this. No problem here; I am going to explain to you this very important information here and in future blogs. The Dust is all the negative information every one of us [...]

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