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Soulmates Are Possible

To you singles out there reading this blog. Today is a new day again and you are still single–single or dating someone without knowing for sure if he is the right one, if he is your Soulmate. To have your Soulmate by your side is an experience hard to express. It is passion unfolded from [...]

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The Giant Difficulty

In the previous story, Vincent and Victoria found a giant who was sleep and managed to awake him through a display of love. The big fellow was very happy and had many questions. After negotiating with Vincent and Victoria, their knowledge to find love in exchange for as many rides around the world from him, [...]

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Why Marriage?

This blog is born after listening to a famous author and speaker on YouTube. I was so shocked listening to him that I had to go to Google and find out who he was Anyway, I do not consider him important. What I consider important is the following; Realizing how wrong this man was. How [...]

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Philosophy of Love

I watched a video about a French philosopher who was asked to explain the philosophy of love. I thought with him being French it would be very interesting to listen to him. I was wrong. He had not much to philosophize on the subject as all he could talk about was 'who to love' or [...]

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On Eleven Minutes

In my search to find out what the public likes to read, I came across a report dated the 15th of March 2010. On that report, the number one best seller in English books was “Eleven Minutes,” by the author Paulo Coelho. I quickly downloaded this book to my Kindle to see the merits of [...]

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My Publicist Told Me

  I met with my publicist this evening to discuss marketing strategy. We all agreed that I have to focus on my brand and nothing else, that is to say I have to keep talking about love and romance and the reasons for it. I have to cool off on the philosophy of life since [...]

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The Importance of The Umbrella

Reading my blogs may have made you aware by now of the importance of being protected by your ‘Umbrella.’ On the other hand, you may think you do not need this tool because you can protect yourself from the negative bombardment that that you receive every minute of your life. The truth is that negative [...]

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Christopher Hitchens’ Opponents

Just as soon as I posted the blog admiring Christopher Hitchens, I started getting responses from his opponents. They said, “He is bright but not brilliant. He is a liberal that got lost in his philosophy. He assumed to win an argument when in reality he didn’t prove anything. He didn’t even believe in God…etc, [...]

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Letter to My Readers

Dear Friends,   Let me first say this. Thank you for your appreciation that I see in your comments as you read my blogs and poems.  It is a pleasure to read how you describe my writings and the emotions that you attach to them. It all started one happy day, as Victoria and I [...]

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Let’s Not Fight

A person who fights has no justifiable reason towards the accused. The reason he attacks her is because he is not happy with himself and he is angry. There could be many reasons for his anger and he will chose to ignore all of them and, instead, nit pick at trivial things that she said [...]

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