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Imprisoned in the North Pole



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    Imprisoned In The North Pole   This is a story about a man who committed a crime (for honor's sake) and was sentenced to the North Pole. Will he be able to survive the harsh conditions? Will he go mad in his head from desolation and loneliness, or learn from this trial of the will? What will his destiny be?

Go inside the mind of a prisoner as he struggles through a most brutal climate, mentally, physically, and spiritually.                                                                                                                                                                                          

" I'm on board of this boat they call The Big Barrel. I am approaching this island that I see ahead in the horizon. I am a prisoner of my government for having defended my honor. My fate is not clear to me, but I have a premonition that a much hard time is ahead for me in my prison. The sentencing judge said in my trial, "You will be imprisoned for a year in one of our islands in the North Pole." I had no knowledge the government had prisons in the north, so close to the Arctic Circle! "