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Find Your Soulmate through Astrology is a guide to help you find your perfect match for a loving and lasting relationship. Learn winning methods and strategies for finding your Special One . The answer is in the astrological signs. Once you commit to work through the simple guidelines outlined for you and follow the formula invented by Sylvan, you will find your soul mate in sixteen dates or less. Your Soulmate will complete your life and bring you to a level of happiness you never dreamed possible. No more wishful thinking…take action! Click here for more.






Almas Gemelas Astrologia, La Fórmula, es el primero de su tipo. Este libro es un mapa que indica el camino para encontrar su pareja especial . Sylvan proporciona una fórmula para que usted llegue en la vecindad de dónde esta persona se encuentra. Una vez usted se comprometa a trabajar a través de los ejercicios simples que se le indica, y sigue la fórmula según el plan de Sylvan, usted encontrará su Alma Gemela en 16 citas de las personas elegidas o menos. ¡Su Alma Gemela completamente cambiara' su vida, y hara' que usted se desarrolle a ser el mejor que usted puede ser! Click here for more.







Letters to Victoria is a romantic fiction based on the author's philosophy for love and relationships. Parts of it are drawn from his real life's experience as he takes the reader on a personal journey during the days of meeting and falling in love with his Soul-Mate which takes his life to new heights he could have never imagined. Click here for more.

This poet will enchant you in ways which you have
no knowledge yet;

this I am sure.

I also am happy you walk on the soft carpet of my Riviera
with your bare feet,
and tenderly feel the delicate flowers that abound in this special place in my soul.

 But, first things first!




Imprisoned in the North Pole


Imprisioned in the North Pole is  a story about a man who committed a crime (for honor's sake) and was sentenced to the North Pole. Will he be able to survive the harsh conditions? Will he go mad in his head from desolation and loneliness, or learn from this trial of the will? What will his destiny be? Go inside the mind of a prisoner as he struggles through a most brutal climate, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Click here for more.

"I'm on board of this boat they call The Big Barrel. I am approaching this island that I see ahead in the horizon. I am a prisoner of my government for having defended my honor. My fate is not clear to me, but I have a premonition that a much hard time is ahead for me in my prison. The sentencing judge said in my trial, "You will be imprisoned for a year in one of our islands in the North Pole." I had no knowledge the government had prisons in the north, so close to the Arctic Circle!"



The Gypsy and the Bandit

The Gypsy and the Bandit  hearkens back to a simpler time when there was honor among men, except for a few dark and hardened criminals. A group of bandits have been terrorizing villagers and leaving them for dead, but one gypsy gets away. One tricky bandit has become a legend. (Is he alive or dead?) This book is full of twists and turns and will have you turning the pages until the very last. Click here for more.


"In our city. In daytime. With all the soldiers around in this garrison! Then he left a note in the body saying he was ready to fight the whole garrison any time or any day. The nerve, the arrogance, the daring, this criminal has! He is going to kill us all one by one!"










         Italian Edition : Anima Coniuge Astrologia La Formula Click here for more!