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Why do we fail…in love?

  Do we have the right partner in the emotional department? And how important is that? I think this subject is the root of the true happiness for every one. We have to build the foundation before we can build the building on top. A good foundation will hold a building many stories high. Don’t [...]

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Romance Movies

I was watching a movie on romance this weekend with my wife. The male character was hopping from girlfriend to girlfriend pretending he would love each of them until the end of their lives. Of course the women were taking him seriously until, with a broken heart, they realized this guy was not serious and [...]

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Knowing Yourself

  Yesterday I found out through the integrated net work of communication, that one of my fans thought I was getting more lively on my social integration with other folks. The occasion occurred as I was describing the trip to Northern Spain with I took with Victoria and our mother; I was lively telling about [...]

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Thoughts on Divorce

Why do relationships fire-up but do not last?  We find the explanation (as always) in Nature. Relationships fire up because they are hungry after many days (or years) of lack of nutrition. Suddenly we encounter a companion of our liking, someone that feeds a little amount of our needs and “Wow!”–we think this person is it. And [...]

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