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How is love created

In previous articles I describe the creation of passion, what comes next is Love.
Love is an emotion which is born out of passion. It is also passion who feeds it.
Therefore passion comes first and love comes after. It is very important to distinguish this.
This word (love) is probably the most over-used word in the whole world, and since it is over-used it indicates that a great amount of people do not understand this subject too well. Here is where I think people make the error; “People want passion in their lives and they think passion comes from love, therefore they wish for love hopping it will bring them passion.” Wrong, wrong, wrong… First comes passion and then comes love! And not the other way around, for love requires passion for its survival and without passion the love dies.
In my book, “Romancing Victoria” the love of the characters came after they got to know each other and they interacted; at the intellectual level first, spiritual level next, and emotional level soon after. They did not need sex to get in love.
They had passion for each other, it wasn’t lust. The difference between those two is also important to know.
– Passion is focused on someone or something other than yourself.
– Lust is an accumulation of need that seeks its own satisfaction, in this case you.
– Yes, there is wrong passion in lust, but it defuses entirely as the need is satisfied.
– With true passion the need is kept under control because it feeds into love and you know with certainty the need will be fulfilled at the right time and at the right place.
– You can’t bear love out of lust.
– You can’t bear love without relating with the subject and getting passionate.
– You can’t bear the right love without going through the period of courting.
– You can’t bear love if there is no passion with that person.
Yes, God made love to be elusive and rightly so, for to receive the greater of gifts we have to work at understanding it, so we can properly respect it and protect it.
It is that simple.

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Vincent Sylvan was born in Lerida, Spain on the foot hills of the Pyrenees Mountains of Northern Spain in June 3rd, 1947. An avid chess player and philosophical thinker since early childhood, he had his plans to emigrate around the world in search of “the meaning of life” at the age of his fifteenth birthday. It was after he did his military service seven years later that he felt free to take his journey. In 1970 Vincent Sylvan immigrated to North America, first Canada, later on to the USA where he now resides with his family on beautiful Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA. Vincent is true believer on the family and its values, realizing the damage of the divorce epidemic for young children and spouses alike, he discovers a “Formula” to tell people who they have to look for, so they can stay married for life. He tested his discovery in order to find the woman of his dreams “Victoria”. Vincent and Victoria got married six months after their first date. She was as much in love as he was, and since the Soul-Mates had found each other, the time flew by at warp speed. The cultures are different and many people had divorced from those differences alone, but eleven years later the honeymoon is greater than the first day. Convinced this formula can help many folks around the world, he writes his masterpiece book Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology, now available at Amazon, Barns & Nobel, Borders and book stores around the USA. Vincent added a second book in early 2010 Imprisoned in the North Pole. This time he writes about the torture and despair of living by yourself in a desolated environment, with no one to talk to, the main character struggles to keep sane from the loneliness that overtakes him. Vincent Sylvan is a messenger of truth, his goal to get the readers realize their true potential, happiness and to help them bring their dreams to reality. His humble writing style is often decorated of poetry and prose, a dying art which brings the beauty of the soul in tune with us. He motivates the reader to take action to get to his true destiny, like all masters he makes us all realize how simple it is to live a wonderful life.