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Where is God?


I often get puzzled by people that think of God as;


  1. A servant for their needs, or.

  2. As a good guy that gives them the things they need, or.

  3. A bad guy that punishes them for an unknown reason, or.

  4. A mighty judge that has his way of doing things, totally unknown to us.


    Whatever the reason, people think that God is a player in charge of taking care of us and every living soul of this planet.


    Well, I have news for you all!



  1. God is not here.

  2. He is not a guy fixing the problems of humanity.

  3. He is not around deciding to punish or reward you for your actions.

  4. No, God is not around. His creation is here, but he is not around.


    So, what did happened to God?


    It is my understanding that as the bible say, God created this Earth and everything on it. Yes, he invented all that we know and all that we have yet to discover.

    Yes, what we do is discovering the inventions of the Lord.


    We do not invent anything!


    The inventor is God Almighty!


    Al we are doing is discovering his creations…his inventions…his ways of understanding … his ways of communicating… his ways of prosperity… his ways of living harmoniously Etc.


    When we find gold in the mountains or rivers we do not say, “I have invented gold”, instead we say “I have discovered gold.”


    But, when aviation was discovered and we learned how to flight, we said, “We have invented the airplane.”


    When we discovered that a wheel would carry more weight with less effort, than by pulling it with our arms, we said, “we have invented the wheel.”


    No, all we are doing is discovering the inventions of our Maker. He made this world and everything on it, including ourselves, in a way that as we discover the functioning, the mechanism, the combination, the connection, etc. Etc. then we get the results accordingly.


    In other words,


  1. Find the symptoms and respond with the appropriate medicine. Or,

  2. Find the results and do correction to fix the problem.

  3. Marry the wrong woman for you and live a life without happiness.

  4. Marry the right man for you and live a life of wonders and a never ending joy.

  5. Get the wrong job and wonder why you do not prosper.

  6. Get the right profession or career for you and be happy all the time. 


    In other words,


  1. Two plus two has to add to four.

  2. Two plus two does not add to five or to seven or to one hundred.

  3. If you take drugs… of any kind… then you have a problem. Your choice is to fix your problem not to blame it on God that He doesn’t love you. And because God doesn’t love you then you have the right to destroy yourself slowly, because you do not have the courage to do it fast, (that is how losers think).


    Hey, that was before you read this article that you blame it on God, but now I say onto you,

    “God is not here, God is not around, He is busy inventing new places and new inventions.”

    I also say,

    “The devil is not here either, the devil doesn’t exist. As Kahil Gibran rightly said in his book ‘The Prophet’,  “Speak to us master of good and evil, and he answered, ‘Of the good I can speak but not of the evil, for what is evil but the good that is been tortured by its own hunger and thirst’.


    Yes, the devil doesn’t exist! It is a lie of major proportions!


    God left us his Creation and it is up to us to DISCOVER how his creation works and then apply our talents and resources to get the best results.

    That is why the course of action is,


  1. Get your head straight.

  2. Get clarity of where you want to get as a destiny.

  3. Of course get your soul-mate right away.

  4. Correct your problems right away.

  5. Look for happiness every day.

  6. Stay away from the things you do not want, always.

  7. Choose selfishly (my version) always.

  8. Stop complaining right now and never complain again, because we always have what we deserve to have and we always get what it is in our minds.


    Life is very simple to live and very enjoyable. I thank my Maker every day for having created this wonderful world for us and everything on it.


    Vincent Sylvan

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About admin

Vincent Sylvan was born in Lerida, Spain on the foot hills of the Pyrenees Mountains of Northern Spain in June 3rd, 1947. An avid chess player and philosophical thinker since early childhood, he had his plans to emigrate around the world in search of “the meaning of life” at the age of his fifteenth birthday. It was after he did his military service seven years later that he felt free to take his journey. In 1970 Vincent Sylvan immigrated to North America, first Canada, later on to the USA where he now resides with his family on beautiful Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA. Vincent is true believer on the family and its values, realizing the damage of the divorce epidemic for young children and spouses alike, he discovers a “Formula” to tell people who they have to look for, so they can stay married for life. He tested his discovery in order to find the woman of his dreams “Victoria”. Vincent and Victoria got married six months after their first date. She was as much in love as he was, and since the Soul-Mates had found each other, the time flew by at warp speed. The cultures are different and many people had divorced from those differences alone, but eleven years later the honeymoon is greater than the first day. Convinced this formula can help many folks around the world, he writes his masterpiece book Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology, now available at Amazon, Barns & Nobel, Borders and book stores around the USA. Vincent added a second book in early 2010 Imprisoned in the North Pole. This time he writes about the torture and despair of living by yourself in a desolated environment, with no one to talk to, the main character struggles to keep sane from the loneliness that overtakes him. Vincent Sylvan is a messenger of truth, his goal to get the readers realize their true potential, happiness and to help them bring their dreams to reality. His humble writing style is often decorated of poetry and prose, a dying art which brings the beauty of the soul in tune with us. He motivates the reader to take action to get to his true destiny, like all masters he makes us all realize how simple it is to live a wonderful life.