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Compliment or Complement? – Part 2

MC900434411[1]In my previous blog I brought the comparison of these two words; then I did proceed to give importance to each one of them. My choice for the best and more important was “Complement”. The reason was because in order to be complimented we have to have some qualities to be complimented. Those qualities take place on us as we become complemented and our talents take rook making us the recipients of the compliments from our pears.

But after reading my own article several times, I am a bit uncertain that the previous blog was correct on its assessment, and that uncertainty was for the following reasons;

1.    Do I become complemented because my natural talents come to surface on my mind on their own time, or these talents have to be triggered by an emotional force that brings them to my mind?

2.    In other words; does the fruit gets ripe and falls from the tree on its own time, or the fruit can be accelerated of its growth by adding ingredients such as water and nutrients to the ground, as well as temperature and sun light?

3.    This seems to be the same dilemma of ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg’. Church goes and such say that the chicken came first because God made the chicken. Scientists say that it was the egg through evolution that came first.

I have to agree with the scientist that it was the egg the one that came first through evolution, but I also like to say that it was God who made possible for the egg to hatch by having all the ingredients around it to make possible such miracle.


In our case of compliment versus complement, I also have to acknowledge that we can’t be complemented (the chicken), without first being complimented (the egg).

A clear example of this is expressed in the phrase, “For every successful man there is a woman right beside him.”

What can we get from that statement? Well, it is clear now that before the man is successful, he must have been complimented by his woman, in order to give him energy to keep going in his struggle to bring greatness to the surface of his mind.

Yes, it was his environment with the ingredients of his surroundings, the temperature of the emotions of his beloved and the assurance of her believing on him that hatched the egg for him and made possible for his greatness to come to the surface of his mind.

 It is clear now!

 Compliment has to come first!

 That is why you have these articles appearing in this blog, Victoria keeps telling Vincent, “Write your knowledge, My Love, to bring clarity to other folks so they can join us in improving our planet. Let us be selfish (your version) and share with them our understanding to live a life full of happiness and wonders.”

 On closing I have only one last thing to say, “Please get your Soul-mate, everything in your life will fall on the right place once you have her by your side. It is that simple.



love 1P.S. please send your comments, I am curious to know how many folks agree with me.


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Vincent Sylvan was born in Lerida, Spain on the foot hills of the Pyrenees Mountains of Northern Spain in June 3rd, 1947. An avid chess player and philosophical thinker since early childhood, he had his plans to emigrate around the world in search of “the meaning of life” at the age of his fifteenth birthday. It was after he did his military service seven years later that he felt free to take his journey. In 1970 Vincent Sylvan immigrated to North America, first Canada, later on to the USA where he now resides with his family on beautiful Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA. Vincent is true believer on the family and its values, realizing the damage of the divorce epidemic for young children and spouses alike, he discovers a “Formula” to tell people who they have to look for, so they can stay married for life. He tested his discovery in order to find the woman of his dreams “Victoria”. Vincent and Victoria got married six months after their first date. She was as much in love as he was, and since the Soul-Mates had found each other, the time flew by at warp speed. The cultures are different and many people had divorced from those differences alone, but eleven years later the honeymoon is greater than the first day. Convinced this formula can help many folks around the world, he writes his masterpiece book Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology, now available at Amazon, Barns & Nobel, Borders and book stores around the USA. Vincent added a second book in early 2010 Imprisoned in the North Pole. This time he writes about the torture and despair of living by yourself in a desolated environment, with no one to talk to, the main character struggles to keep sane from the loneliness that overtakes him. Vincent Sylvan is a messenger of truth, his goal to get the readers realize their true potential, happiness and to help them bring their dreams to reality. His humble writing style is often decorated of poetry and prose, a dying art which brings the beauty of the soul in tune with us. He motivates the reader to take action to get to his true destiny, like all masters he makes us all realize how simple it is to live a wonderful life.