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Your Face & Your Action


More often than not we think we are too small to make any impact on anything. We then express our opinion when we disagree with someone or something to our spouse or to our friend and that is how far it goes, no action and no presence from us is farther done. We blame it on the world and move on to another scenario. 

I used to fight all the battles but since I met Victoria she has teach me to “Choose your Battles”.

Once I was confronted with a battle I knew I could not win, it was with my county property tax exemption; they had passed a law that exempt property owners over fifty five to pay the full amount and gave them a considerable discount. I received a letter telling me that because some technical loophole I did not qualified and if I was in disagreement with their decision to apply for a board ruling of my case.

Like I mentioned before this was a battle I could not win; I discuss it with Victoria and she also agree this was a losing battle. Nevertheless, because of the unjust law I decided to go through the motions and eventually I saw myself in front of a panel of six people (three men and three women). I then did proceded to establish my case indicating I was meeting all the requirements;

1.    I had the proper age.

2.    The property was my residency and homestead.

3.    I was current with my taxes.

The board listened to my case but decline my petition due to the technical item.

I then insisted the item was wrong and discriminatory and more important it was punishing good citizens for no valid reason.

The board acted as robots and pointed out to me that they were ruling according to the laws in their books.

I insisted that laws were made by men and women and as men and women the wrong laws should be changed when they do more harm than good.

Anyway, the meeting got me nowhere and all my time was wasted, or so I though. 

Two years latter I got a letter from the county saying. “Dear Vincent, we like to inform you that the item in our laws that discriminated against your property has been removed from our books, you are now eligible to have a discount in your taxes.”


I am a hero!

Not only I will be able to save money on my property taxes every year, but I also helped other folks that were in the same situation to save on their taxes every year, as well.

Those folks will never know who was responsible for their savings and I will never get their appreciation, but that doesn’t matter, the Universe knows that I did good and in one form or another it will compensate me for my deed.

This is what usually happens when you show your face and put action behind it, if your case has value you may not get results right away, but eventually truth and rightness prevails.

Now, go and find your Soulmate and empower yourself with the melody that is detrimental, to be able to leave your footprints on the sand of time for other folks that come behind you also to find their own way.

Is there a time in your life you were confronted with a similar situation?

How did you responded to it?

Would you respond the same way after reading this blog?

Do my writings help you in your everyday life?

Please leave your comments.


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