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You Could Be Wrong

I am not an advocate of divorce. But after years of being married to my previous wife we grew apart and there was not a valid solution other than to go on our different ways. Back then I thought, (like many others) that marriage was a matter of working hard at it. So, after I debated with myself for over three years I had to acknowledge that divorce had to take place.

But not all marriages are the same and some people that divorce could be wrong doing it. I just think the divorce rate is way too high.

In my book “Romancing Victoria” I created this scenario with Mary’s and Mike’s marriage; their marriage was on the brink and destined to end its course, when they had a visit from Vincent and Victoria. Mike wanted Vincent’s opinion on his dilemma, but Vincent was not willing to favor the information.

Mike then nicely insisted due to the fact that Vincent had been able to make the demanding Victoria to fall in love with him. Although Vincent was reluctant to give counsel, he ended up telling Mike what the problem was.

 It worked! As Mike learned how to romance his wife their marriage took a new life, passion came again into their lives and their love flourished once again and this time with new force and melody.

Yes, if you are contemplating divorce or simply breaking-up with your girlfriend, you could be getting ready to make a huge mistake, best is to do the following first,

1         Read my formula in my book "Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology" and compare your sign with hers to see if you match for first, second or third choice. I do not recommend to get married to any others choices.

2         Read my thoughts on romance, to see if you are feeding her emotions properly.

3         Understand the meaning of love and know how much care you need to have to protect it.

Yes, you could be wrong thinking the grass is greener in the other side of the fence. But I recommend to make triple sure by going through all the options first. After all, you have invested time and emotions on the relationship and most important, you do not want to prove yourself wrong as it will tamper on your self-confidence. 

This exercise will also help you tremendously (in case that divorce is inevitable), to make sure you choose right the second time around.

Just remember, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it may change as the time goes by, but Soulmates are not identified by beauty only, she carries the other half of your soul and that is why your melody endures through the ages. Actually it gets better and better.”



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