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The Umbrella – Part 2


As you must know by now the Umbrella is your emotional protecting knowledge. It is like the anti-virus in your computer which protects all the information which you have there to be able to be accessed by the programs which are designed to do that job.


When a virus enters your computer (as a result of not having the appropriate protection), your computer will malfunction or not work at all, you then have to call the repair man or go and buy another computer and then go through the work of transferring all the data that you have on the damaged computer. All in all it is a pain to correct the damage which the virus has caused because you had NOT the proper protection. 


You in the other hand can’t buy another brain for yourself to clean up its computer or transfer your present data to it, we do not have that kind of technology yet. Therefore your only option is to get protection and to try to reverse your believes by practicing the principals that bring you positive results and make your life better.


Now think about yourself, 


       Are you where you like to be?

       Are you in tune with your dreams?

       Are you in the job or career that makes you happy?

       Do you have a plan for your future and things in your life are happening according to your plan?

       Are your expectations in balance with your reality?

       Have you found your Soulmate yet?

       Is this important person part of your life yet?


I could be asking questions in this subject all day long and nine out of ten people’s answers would be likely the word “NO”. 


They would answer to me something like this,


       No Vincent! I do not have my Soulmate or I know where she is for that matter.

       No, I am not in tune with my dreams! Now that you mention it… I am not sure what my dreams are any more.

       No, I have not a definite plan for my future and NO! My expectations do not come true ever! I always come short of what I expect from others and from the world. Is the reason for this because God doesn’t love me? Or because I am a failure?


My answer to this is; “You are where you are because you deserve to be there.”


Yes, God exists. And yes, He/She loves all of us. But we have allowed the viruses to enter into our private domain, our mind. Now our mind is not functioning in a positive and productive way or near enough, and the result is… Exactly what we presently have.

When you plant potatoes in your garden you grow potatoes and when you plant tomatoes then you grow tomatoes. And if you plant nothing then nothing will grow.


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