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The Umbrella in Action


This blog is created after reading the comment of one of my readers. Obviously he has been bombarded in his past by negative thinking and he needs major help, this is what happens when we do not protect ourselves and aloud the poison of negative behavior to influence our lives. 

Here it is his comment word by word, 


The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. I mean, I do know it was my choice to learn, however I really thought youd have something fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you might repair in case you werent too busy searching for attention.”

 Here is my respond,

“No thank-you for you Vancyoc699989 for your comment, you are a clear example of how to put “The Umbrella” in action. Normally you would be in the waste basket with the flip of the finger and your comment would be into oblivion and would not affect the folks that have not the “Umbrella” functioning properly yet. But I am using you as an example for other readers to understand more clearly how damaging is to block their creation by allowing negative thinking in their lives."

 Many folks come to this site and are impressed by the clarity and good content that abounds here. More impressed yet they are because it is free, they do not have to pay money to get this information, all that I ask is that they share their ideas in their comments, that is how I take payment.

 This information is not abundant in the internet and that is another reason for their appreciation, this can be verified by reading the comments to my blogs. 


One thing I like to repeat to everyone reading this response, that is, “Please be  selfish and share in return”. It is clear that if you get good stuff it is obvious you should share also good stuff back and preferably along the subject at hand. 


Your comment Vancyoc699989 was not selfish (my version of selfish); you apparently did not like what you read in the blogs and responded negatively to the author that created them, and since your comment was negative it is normal that the party receiving your negative message send also a negative message to you in response, which you may not enjoy. That is why you are not selfish (my version of selfishness is explained clearly in one of the blogs).


 As my readers know negativity doesn’t create anything of substance and that is why I teach constantly to stay away from it and protect themselves from that dust that obstruct their vision.


Being selfish means to share something that the other party is going to appreciate and that is why the other party will share something in return that you also may like, (unless he/she is not of your same kind) so…. You will share back something he may like.…etc. (The circle of good life).


Negative thinking is not productive at best, normally it is very destructive. The reason why people get hooked with this syndrome is because their emotions have been bruised and they want revenge in return, but that action only feeds more the hurt because other folks will respond to you accordingly, that is why you will never heal your emotional hurt by following that road.


Now, don’t you all reading this article get me wrong thinking that I should turn the other cheek every time someone slaps my face. Next time that Vancyoc699989 brings an idiotic comment to this site, he will go directly to the waste basket, no more comments about him, no explanations, nothing more, he will be totally ignored, you will not know that he existed. That is the best way to deal with the negative in your life, please ignore it and do not let it disrupt your plans.

Are you all getting the idea that negative behavior is the result of a wounded heart?

And why is that heart wounded?

Answer; Because he/she hasn't got his/her Soulmate. Isn't that obvious?




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