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The Art of Love


I have been reading the comments to my blogs and realize most people are not connected to their Soulmate. This have made me think,

       Is there a principal to this similar like getting your University degree?

       Does it require hard work like in the University to define the knowledge as to how to identify their Soulmate?

       Is the conventional knowledge of finding our partners in bars or church gatherings outdated, scary and non-reliable?

       Should I create a course to teach people step by step how to get to their destiny like it is done on a University?

       Would people believe on my knowledge and follow directions in order to get the desired results?

The last question seems to be the most difficult. After centuries of conventional dating, (getting attracted to a nice face or to a gorgeous body) to try to find your Soulmate through your intellectual aura through cyberspace, it is not going to be an easy sale to convince people that it is the fastest and more secure way to find your love-one.

Or, maybe I do not celebritize this knowledge enough?

Or, maybe I do not put enough fear on choosing the wrong partner?

Anyway, the more I look at this, the more I realize the following.

       To find love requires study.

       To connect to the right person will require sacrifice and will power.

        To do this study will require some money getting information buying books etc.

       To keep in track people will need a tutor.

       People will need to pass an assignment before they can jump on the next level.

In other words, this will no longer be a mundane experience leaving scars on people’s emotions. It will be the study of love, giving knowledge and direction to make folks graduates of this art of connecting to the other half of their souls.

 Okay then, I will create a work book and call it,

 “The Art of Love”.  

Do you think it is a good idea?                                           

 I do need your comments on this one.


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