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The Arena


There is an expression that I like to tell the novices when they are reluctant to start a new thing, that expression is, “Jump into the arena”.


In matters of love I think that expression is too aggressive and conflicts with our emotions, better should be another expression that is more sensitive and not too imposing, just like, “Put some of your oars in the water and start rowing”.

This means to start correspondence with a new love and through the letters add more and more emotion to the relationship as you realize that more and more things that you have in common; versus going in a date right away without getting to know your partner beforehand through your intellect and the correspondence.


The right way is the slowly way and the wrong way is the hurry-up way, for as the first is safer and more powerful the second is very risky and leaves scars if it goes for too long.

Yes, “Jumping into the arena” in matters of love is risky because you do not know for sure which kind of soil is in the arena, it may have regular sand or it may have quick sand that won’t hold your weight and you may sink into oblivion. 


Best is to follow the steps that I describe in my book “Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology” to get the best results. That is how I did conquer Victoria’s heart as I did embrace her melody as well.


As I reminisce on our personalities and the events when I was courting her, I have to acknowledge that any other way other than the one that I used to romance her would have been futile, she was determined to give her hart only to the right man, and at "first site" you can’t know for sure that you are right for each other.


The relationship of love is too important to live it to mere chance, please follow my formula and have a happy and wonderful life like I have.


Also be selfish (my version) it is your right and your duty.



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