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Is Good Credit Bad for You?

I am NOT in favor of seeking credit, I think this is one of the evils of the world, and I am writing a book to make folks realize why their dreams are not reachable and the subject of credit covers several chapters.        Why do people have to seek credit?                             To get into trouble?  

A lot of folks work hard at having good credit thinking this to be something that will benefit them in their future. The reality is that by doing this hard work to have good credit they are digging their own financial grave.

The best way is to have money and that is best accomplished when you stay away from credit cards, consumer loans, cars loans etc.

 Credit is something that we get anyway by paying in time such things like utilities or a student loan or a mortgage, but having good credit is something that invites temptation because you will be bombarded by credit card offers and many other temptations that come to you every single day. In other words, “Good credit is the drug peddler and loans, lines of credit, credit cards etc. are the drugs. The financial drugs.”

 Yes, when you get this picture in your mind you will began to have financial self-respect and your life will improve a hundred fold.

Here are the differences;                                                                                                                                                               

                   Credit puts you into financial slavery, but cash keeps you healthy. 

          With cash you can negotiate a lower price (sometimes), with credit never.

          Credit invites you to spend over your means, with cash you spend less and only the necessary.

          Credit takes away your time by having to pay the credit cards and arguing with them about the extra charges that   they put on the statement. With cash you do not have to do that.

          Credit brings you loans and then the same purchase ends costing you more than with cash.

          Credit invite loans and then you see the loan or the credit card as someone else money, therefore you do not have the same respect for that money as you have for your own cash money and as a result you spend frivolously without realizing it.

          Credit puts you to sleep because you know you have a balance to keep spending, therefore you do not push yourself to go and make more money.

          Loans are addictive; you will seek more and more loans to keep the cycle going, consecuently putting yourself deeper and deeper into financial slavery. How could you possibly attain your dreams this way? Never! that is right! Never!


I can write a chapter in this subject in less than an hour but I think you get my message. Sorry for this, but I think credit is over rated, over emphasized and people put way too much importance to it. Let’s all of us concentrate in having money instead of credit, after all in my world money is still king, how is it in your world? Have you stoped and think about it?

Besides, don’t you feel guilty taking your sweetheart out to dinner and paying for it with money that is not yours, am I right? 

Isn’t this another bit of message to your subconscious mind that you are not operating with your own means?

Why to bring yourself into those situations?


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