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Have Purpose with Action

One of my most popular blogs (so far) is the one titled “Let us have purpose”, since this theme seems to appear to more numbers I feel I should write more on this.

Yes, purpose equals to, the subject in hand, the reason for which something exists,  an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal, determination; resoluteness, the point at issue, practical result, effect, or advantage, to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself, to intend; design. to resolve (to do something):   target, destination.

 I am sure you could identify with one or more of the above, but your thinking will be fruitless unless you put “Action” in the front burner. Unless you realize that action is what get things done, otherwise your ‘purpose’ is only a pipe dream.

 It is well monitored that the thought of ‘getting in action’ is a syndrome which paralyze most people, this indicates that getting yourself in action is not as easy as it seems.

 Winners operate this way; 1. Isolate the problem and 2. Devise a plan to solve it.

 Since we have isolated the problem let us devise a way to solve it. Fear of action is only there because you have not started yet, once you start the fear disappear. Granted, you may be paralyze from starting, citing that you do not have enough knowledge, haven’t done it before, are not too sure of the results, are afraid of failure, etc. etc. But if you draw on the giants of our past and how they did operate with their obstacles then all of those doubts loose their power.

 Ej.  It took Thomas Edison one thousand five hundred and twenty five attempts to come out with the electric light bulb.

 Did you know that?

How many attempts do you plan for your future?

 How many attempts did the wright brothers unsuccessful attain before they came out with the right plane?

 How many attempts do you plan for making your dreams reality?

 We all know that takes more than one and more often many unsuccessful attempts to get to the right one. So, stop your excuses and take action.

 Isn’t time you bring your greatness to the surface? Or at least attempt to make it happen?


Vincent Sylvan

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