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Creating Passion


 Passion is an emotion which we all want, but it is very elusive. We all had it at one time or another, (I have it every day with my Soulmate). When we have passion we think the world is a wonderful place to live in, when we do not have passion we think life is hard and un-interesting.

Okay. We can define the emotions, but how are we able to create them? Here is an example; in my book “Letters to Victoria”, she was able to create passion in Vincent. It did not happened over night but she did it.

He was wounded and weak emotionally, and passion was not in his horizons; he sent poems through the internet to ladies that had access to his profile. These poems were indicating his emotional weakness (he was not afraid to tell the world) and his need for help. Most women responded indicating their own need for a strong man, therefore declining his cry for help, but there was one lady who saw through his poems the strength on the penniless poet, (this lady was Victoria) and took action to bring him to her Riviera.

She, first of all encouraged him to send her more poems, as she realize those were tonics for him to heal his wounded soul. Latter on she find out he was a man who thrived on challenges, and she proceeded to let him know her needs by indicating the long list she had created.

Victoria was again right!

She understood that a man is first and foremost a hunter and as a hunter Vincent  was lacking a real challenge to empower his wounded soul.

He was responding negatively at first by saying, “I would never be able to fulfill your list Victoria”, but all along he was getting strong and showing her, parts of himself which she never knew existed.

Victoria kept encouraging him every time he revealed his talents. Also, all along his poems were getting more and more positive and lovely; she was also very wise letting him know how much his poems were caressing her soul, this empowered him as he realize he meant something to the lovely lady after all.

To make this story short I have to say, 

       Passion flourished out on both of them.

       Love became their empowerment.

       Their lives took a different and wonderful meaning for both.

Do you have passion in your life?  Do you see now how important is to be with your soulmate?

Please, write me your questions and I will be glad to answer them, just make sure those questions are in the subject of the article/s.     


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