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Are Soul Mates Equal?


By now you have been reading my blogs and you have some idea on what I believe about soul mates, but the above question has never come up. Since the issues between man and woman have been so controversial through the years, it is time that I put some light in this subject.


In matters of relationships man and woman are not equal, man and man are not equal, also woman and woman are not equal. 


In our laws we may have or should have equal rights, but in matters of love it is imperative not to be equal. These are the reasons;


1.    Love is an emotion which is at the root of our very existence.

2.    Love has to feed each other (man and woman).

3.    Love can’t be created or satisfied unless the two parties satisfy their needs.

4.    The satisfaction has to be natural otherwise it becomes work.

5.    You can’t endure love and be happy if you have to work at it every moment and every day.

6.    The satisfaction has to come from your partner as something that he or she does without effort; it has to be his/her nature that complements you.

7.    Therefore the two parties can’t be equal. The relationship would be boring if they are equal or too similar. The relationship will be painful if they are too different. And the relationship will be considered as carrying dead weight which does little or nothing and impairs in our very own lives and future.


Now that this point is clear it becomes very important to read ‘The Formula’ in my book “Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology” which indicates the partner that you have to look, according to your sun sign and his/her sun sign. 

Yes, this is a bit complicated and requires to do your study and work at it, but once you graduate (you find him) you will realize this was the most important project of your life.




P.S. The book also tells you how to get started. Isn’t it nice I also give you small wings to help you fly?

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