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In my book, Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology, there is the chapter about how God came up with the name of woman. It wasn’t an easy task to come up with the perfect word, because a name is very important. A name calling builds emotions, sometimes of a positive nature and other times of negative nature. As explained in my book, the word woman (short for Wow-Man) was thought to be the right name for the female, since it would build on the male’s thinking the following thoughts;

  • The sense of respect towards the female for being so beautiful.
  • A sense of admiration, (every time her name was mentioned the Wow-Man thought would occupy the mind of the male.)
  • Attention to stop and look, to take a moment to admire, to appreciate…to realize how important she was to him.
  • A sense of self admiration for himself also, realizing he had a precious companion, a treasure of great value, someone he could admire constantly because she had more grace, her physical features were more beautiful and her devotion towards the little ones were admirable. 


Yes, Wo-man was the right name. God took the second ‘W’ out because it may become “Impertinent” to the man’s thinking after a while, but without the ‘W’ the thoughts on the man still brought to his mind all her features that I have mentioned above, (and if some women reading this article do not get the respect from your male companion, please read this article to him to help him to get his thinking back into reality.)

Also, without the ‘W’ the male had no reason to accuse the female of being pretentious and vain, or accusing her of having received greater appreciation from their Maker and getting himself crazy with jealousy.

Yes, God Almighty thought of all those little details that paved the road to our own understanding and it is up to us to bring clarity to our lives by staying away from negative thinking. We need to give ourselves the opportunity to be able to uncover all the knowledge that is here in this world to help us reach our greatness.

Please, do not forget WO-MAN is the creator of love. Find yours, find your Soulmate (I help you a lot through my formula) and your life will become much happier.





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