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Why Do We Fail… In Love- Part Two

I received many comments in the previous article of this subject indicating to write more on it and bring more clarity. Here it is more.

We fail in in some episodes of our love-life because we do not choose right.

This has been happening for centuries, but the effects of choosing wrongly were not very visible until the last quarter of the 20th century. That was when the restrictions to our social behavior lost some of its influence and they finally had to succumb to the force of our own needs.

Yes, that is right, the divorce epidemic started some fifty years ago as the result of people taking priority to satisfy their emotional needs, versus obeying the conventional rules because of the existence of their marriage covenant.

And, as it is in everything in life, “The more we practice, the easier it gets”.

Yes, the more divorces take place, the easier it gets to say goodbye to the relationship.

But, why do we fail in our love with our partner?

I can write several books on this subject (I am presently doing so), but for now I will surmise this question in one single sentence, “We fail in our love with our partner because there was never love; it was simply an attraction which we thoroughly chose to confuse, to make ourselves believe that it was love.”

And, why did we choose to believe that attraction was the real thing?

·         Your emotions were evolving and you had a need to satisfy them.

·         You had no specific education on how to understand your emotions.

·         You also didn’t have any valuable education to understand the meaning of love.

·         Your knowledge in love was mostly wrong.

·         You didn’t have enough patience to wait in your search for the right man.

·         You didn’t have enough patience because you didn’t have enough knowledge.


Yes, we fail in the department of love and relationships because we are greatly un-educated on this subject, actually I think I am very kind in this statement, more correctly I should say, “The present education in the department of love is mostly wrong and destructive. It conflicts with our emotional needs greatly, and that is the biggest reason why there is so much homosexuality.”

Why do we fail… In Love?

Very good question!

Very extensive subject!

We need those very important answers!





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