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The Philosophy of Marriage

 I was reading the other day, on a site with a subject in marriage and romance, and there was this quote,

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


This is the kind of teaching that is the reason for the confusion in people’s minds.


This is why:


  • Your love is not going to be fit to everyone, you need the right person who is your Soulmate; otherwise, both people's love (yours and his) will fade away over time.
  • A marriage needs much more than friendship.
  • A marriage with only friendship will lose its luster after some time goes by.

Unhappy marriages get to that stage because the parties expected a greater love than friendship love, and they knew that at the time of marriage, but they married anyway. Why?

Because they had no proper education about finding the right partner and their expectations were too low.

Then it was this blogger expressing his thoughts,

We live in a culture that is mainly self-centered, where people are frustrated because of the feeling that they are not getting what they need or deserve. It is not unusual to see two people drift apart with time, especially if they don’t make a continuous effort to work on their marriage. If you are wondering how to become best friends with your spouse and revive that friendship you had when you started, then follow the tips below.

Wrong, wrong, wrong,…

Our culture is in its own rights to be seeking to fulfill our own needs and… especially what we deserve. Our needs aren’t the culprit; the culprit  is all the negative material that bombard us at every turn of our road, just like he is doing above.

A couple drifts apart not because they don’t make an effort to stay together but because they seek fulfillment in their emotional life, and the partner they have ‘is not cutting the muster’. Marriage should not be work. Please know that if you are "working at your marriage" then you are wasting your time.

Trying to revive a friendship in matters of love, a friendship which had died, is like trying to revive a human-being and hoping that he will be human again.  At your very best he will be a zombie; never will your love will be a normal emotion like it was before.

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