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The Belief of Love

I read the comments of my followers and I am pleased at all the nice appreciation to my blogs, but no comments are made about the poems that are on this site.

My style of poetry is one of writing verses with purpose, with meaning in today’s reality. In the poem “I Believe in Love” the first verse is very powerful, I quote,

                                                    “Love it is a powerful force

                                                 That imposes an attitude of preference.

It rewards you giving good fruits,

When it is treated well and with reverence.”   


Yes, love does empower you to unimaginable levels. That is why it is so important to find the right person who will be able to make it possible. In contrast, unless you connect to that person, what you have now which you think it is love is nothing more than a passing fancy, and time will show it to you eventually.


True love also imposes on both parties the attitude of preference. That means that ‘you do not need or care to have anyone else;’ your Soulmate is all you need.   


Love rewards you with plentiful harvest and that is so because when you love you treat your partner with respect and reverence regardless of the appearance of his/her actions.

 This is what happens when the chemistry of love gets to be activated:

 ·     It has the power to connect all the dots in both partners.

 ·     It gives clarity to both partners in every aspect of their lives.

 ·     Your dreams become reality one by one.

 ·     New ideas and projects are born from your mind which give your life increased happiness and passion.

 ·     Respect for other human beings is increased and more patience is developed.

 ·     You get to recognize what is important for you more clearly.

 Yes, love has all those powers and many more, that is why I mention often in the blogs, “Your Soulmate is the most important treasure in your life.”

Please read everything on this site, especially my book “Find Your Soulmate Trough Astrology” which has the ‘formula’ to guide you in your quest, and to make your job much easier.

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