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The Art of Sharing


Sharing has not been a new concept inviting many debates, but sharing have been around from the beginning of times. Sharing is mentioned every day by religions all over the world. Sharing has been used also in religions as a means of communication between us and our Maker, that is why the phrase, “Give to your church (share your money) that God may reward you accordingly.” 

In general sharing is meant to do good for humanity but not always, and although in some cases sharing has backfired and cause more harm than good, no one that I know has taken the time and effort to analyze this important art. Yes, I call it art because it is artistic to enhance the life of other human beings and ours as well; don’t you feel proud seeing that your actions are doing some good to our humanity?

Also, don’t you feel bad that your actions of sharing backfire and cause more harm than good either to you or to other folks?

 Yes, sharing must be an art, we must make sharing an art; that is the reason we must have a case study to understand it and to practice it.

Sharing should be connected to “Selfishness” (my version and not Webster’s version)

That means that,

 “When you share you must get something you like and enjoy in return”, otherwise that kind of sharing is non-productive.

You must qualify the person or institution before you give (share) your money or service to them.

You must also qualify the purpose and intentions that the folks receiving from you have towards their goal.

You must monitor the results that your contribution does in order for you to continue sharing.

Do you share with your spouse?

Does she share back with you?

Do you share with your church?

Does your church share back with you?

Do you share with your God?

Does your God share back with you?

Do you share with your work and profession according to their needs?

Do your work and profession shares back with you according to your needs?

On and on we can add to this list…


Now, how do we monitor the results of our “Sharing” actions?

That, is another story… for another day…for another lesson.

 Please send me your comments… and (most important) your opinions.





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