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Pay Back in Exchange


I read the comments my readers send me with much appreciation. Everyone is pleased of the information they get in this site and they say so in their comments. Also, there are those that read these articles and do not bother to write a comment and fly to other pastures for more information, (I know that because I read the Google analytics in my site and know how many people visit my site), to those readers I say, “Please pay back in exchange for having enjoyed some or all the reading you did here”. 


How you pay back?


Answer: By writing your comment on how much you enjoyed your reading and also and (very important) by asking me questions in the subject.

I have passed this knowledge in my books and in some blogs. I specifically did mention it in the blog “The Analysis of Being Selfish”. In there it was described the importance in sharing, but sharing only with people of ‘same kind’.

Why do I insist on this?

Because that is the nature of the human mind. As one of my readers said, “I in addition to my friends appeared to be viewing the good tips and hints found on the website while all of a sudden got a terrible suspicion I had not expressed respect to the site owner for those secrets. Those people were definitely for this reason passionate to read all of them and have now honestly been loving these things. I appreciate you for really being very kind as well as for picking these kinds of perfect information millions of individuals are really desperate to know about. My personal honest regret for not expressing appreciation to you earlier.

As you can see this reader native language do not appear to be English but his message was clear, ‘he felt guilty for having taken pleasure from this site without paying back with his appreciation in writing,( how else would the author know?) to the creator of the blogs’.


Yes, this is a clear example of how nature works!


You may allow your ego to stop you from thanking (paying back) people that give you joy, pleasure or happiness, because you may have the notion that your action will diminish your worth as you appreciate the other party, but that is because you are not selfish enough (my version and not Webster’s) and as a result you will be feeding your insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Furthermore, same like in the example above, your mind will feel guilty for not having paid back for the goods you did receive.




P.S.    Actions to remember.

    1.  Get all the material from this author for a better understanding of his philosophy. This is very important subject study and the lessons    have to be truly understood. All his books have to be part of your library.

    2.  Every time you receive something you consider beneficial to you, please pay back (to the creator of that something), payment could be in any form or shape, most of the time a simply ‘thank you’ may suffice. This is how you keep your mind working properly, and as it acknowledges your action reward will come to you accordingly.


    3.  Be selfish and share with others, (looking always for people of same kind),  always protecting yourself from negative thinking which tampers with your growth and natural development. 


    4.  You are Great! You are Unique! You are God’s creation! 


         You were born for a reason!


         These thoughts have to be in your conscious mind at all times, you have to make an effort at first to keep remembering these thoughts. After a while your subconscious mind will absorb these messages and then your life will become much better. 



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