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In the beginning I had the idea in mind to create this site to find out the following questions,

a)    Will my style of writing be appealing to a great number of people?

b)    Will my messages have any impact in people’s minds?

c)     Is the world ready to find a better way to find happiness?


I had written my book Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology the previous year, and at that time Victoria and I decided first and foremost to have fun with this project. So after consulting with her the above questions she answered, “Vincent, the idea of an internet site is clever because it will promote your book faster though this media.”


That was how started; a dream to bring my knowledge to the world, a plan to make it successful, and action to make it happen.


So, after six months of working at it the site finally opened and I started publishing blogs, and you started reading them and leaving your comments.


Here we are now and, as you can see by reading some of the comments placed in the articles, most people think my writing style and knowledge in the subject is pretty good to say the least.


Why do I tell you all this? 


The reason is because I am finding out that I am having an impact on your thinking, and some of you are asking me to be your teacher.


We are all teachers; we are also all students. My goal in life had always been to learn, to find out what is there in life worthwhile to live for.


To that end, I conquered my fears early in life and then I was able to prosper and reach my dreams. Most people are not able to do that because they have been misdirected, but I hope (through this site) to bring the messages to help you all to get your right direction in your life again, and this time make your dreams happen, like I did.


As you all know, I was also able to find my greatest treasure by finding my Soulmate, Victoria.


It is because of her that now I have all my oars in the water and my vessel is moving at the proper speed.

It is because of her that my mind is digging into the subject of finding the cause for the divorce epidemic, and to try to solve the puzzle of finding the reasons and correcting our ways to avoid divorce from happening.

Our spiritual leaders have fallen asleep at the helm for too many years. As the result of that, they are so out of touch with the reality of life that the only way for them to keep attracting people to their cults is by means of feeding our spiritual need to be in touch with our Creator, with mostly lies and fears of their imaginary burning hell.

Yes, it is fear which is the cause for most of our problems, so if you are fearful of something or someone, then you natural instinct is to find help and protection.

Fear also brings something else with it, “Your sense of unworthiness.” When this sense (of unworthiness) takes roots in your mind, you then are at the mercy of the predator that is after you.

You may ask, "Who is the predator that is after me?"

Answer: “The people or event that put the fear in you in the first place! Isn’t this obvious?"

The cults create an imaginary hell and that brings fear, you then seek protection and who is there to protect you? Hey, Hello! Here come the cult leaders to bring you their solution!

Here is another example; when browsing the internet you have a need to participate, to bring your voice to the world. But you are fearful of some imaginary predator that may find out who you are or what you look like; therefore, you hide and do not show your face, or you put up your pen-name in your user box, or simply avoid writing your comment for fear that you may not spell right and get ridiculed by your peers.

Who was the predator in this case? 

Answer; your own fears, your insecurity, your own belief that you are not important.

So after analyzing thoroughly (much more than what I wrote here) and realizing the reason why most of you do not:

  1. Ask me questions for the purpose of debating these blogs.
  2. Do not have your picture uploaded.
  3. Have not a pen name to identify yourself properly.
  4. Or dare to express an opinion.


I came to the conclusion that you are fearful in one way or another.

Here is how to conquer fear:

  1. Confront it.
  2. Bring yourself face-to-face with it.
  3. Take action to defeat the fear in question.
  4. Believe that you were born for a reason. (Being fearful is not a reason.)
  5. And most important is to “Participate.” (Finally, I came out with the title of this article).

 Yes, “Participation” is the best weapon to fight fear:

  1. When someone says to you that there is Hell, ask them to show it to you.
  2. When someone tells you that you can’t do something, ask him to prove it. You do not have to prove to him, it is him that created the fear; therefore, it has to be him who has to prove it.
  3. When your own fear tries to stop you from participating, say to yourself, “Let me try to see if that is true.”

In all cases your fear will disappear instantly, your wings then will be free to fly to your dreams and greater horizons. You then will have a chance to get to your own destiny.

In my series of books, Vincent and Victoria go through their own fears to approach each other, but they are able to conquer their fears because they knew a life of happiness was awaiting and they wanted all of it.

Those series of books are fiction, but like in these blogs, there are many cryptic messages hidden among its pages.

Please go read, take action and bring your dreams to reality. I know you can do it!



 Ps. In this article you should have a number of questions for me. Please conquer your fear and ask me your questions.



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