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My Reward

We live in a society in which everything is measured, weighed, packaged and tagged. This is good because it gives us a sense of accomplishment in the material things that we do. It is also good because it encourages us to feed our sense of reward to give ourselves energy to do more on the subject.

In my book “Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology” I indicated in the 10 steps, how to find your one-and-only, how to collect candidates, screen them, measure their talents, and keep notes on their interactions with you, etc. etc.


This exercise, and others similar in your life, represent how to do work in the process. 


The way our human mind functions is by the mechanism of its protection, that is why,


1.   You have to feed your mind constantly by satisfying your curiosity in a protective way.

2.   Be selfish (my version) and look for your reward thinking also of others.

3.   When you do not see a physical reward for your actions, think about the knowledge you are learning and the actions you are doing which may bring to you rewards in your future.

4.   Record your abilities periodically and check your notes in past dates to see if you are improving yourself, and if it is easier for you to identify and get your just rewards.

5.   Do not expect your reward to be always money, fame, popularity or your ego being fed by people who have ulterior motives.  

6.   Your reward should be to make you happier, and also to bring more clarity to your life and the ideas and dreams that you want to accomplish in your future.

7.   When your mind is clean and clear it will talk to you with a sixth sense (intuition). Trust this intuition, but please do not forget to look for the rewards, if there were no good results, then it wasn’t intuition, you were just dreaming. 


Remember to get your reward always! 


You have to be convinced that you are getting your reward in one form or another, in order for your mind to generate the energy that you need to bring action to your next project.


Without your sense of reward being satisfied, your vessel will lose the winds that move you to your destiny of greatness.


Don’t you want to be as great as you can be? 


Please send me your questions. Getting you involved is my reward and also the price of your admission.







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