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My Life is About Me

This article originated in my mind as the result of reading several answers to my blogs. That is why you need to help me write these articles you enjoy reading by writing your comments of appreciation, but more importantly, by asking me questions.

Several of the readers complained that their browser was not working properly and they indicated to me to do something about it. I know they must have read comments from other readers who commented that their browsers work perfectly receiving this web site.  So, I ask, why do people bring their problems to others?

I try to teach you all what I've known for some time, and that is, “My life is about me,” and in the same breath I say, “Your life is about you.”

 If you are serious about reaching your dreams, you are the one that has to make those dreams reality, and this is how.

1.   Take action and please do not wait for anybody; having too much patience is not a virtue because it takes too much of your time. (The key here is evaluating how much is too much.) 

2.   Please, please, please… stop blaming others for your problems. What you think it is a problem, nine of ten times, is only a difficulty on your road to exercise your mind and make it stronger in the process. Also, like in the example above, you only have to pay a little more attention and then you can see the solution. Example; if your browser doesn’t receive this site properly and other readers say that this site is working exceptionally well, then that means that the problem is on your site and you have to get a different browser. (Does this makes any sense to you?) 

3.   You mustn’t be looking to get help from others until you have exhausted all your available sources first. Remember that life is about you; it is you who is living your life, and it must be you who tries hard to improve it. It isn’t hard, and once you get into the habit of doing your life this way, then you will be much more proud of yourself and wonder how you could ever have been any other way. (Please do not gamble trying you make your life easier without work that is not the way to go that is the way to fail.)  


Dear reader, I am pleased to remind you some principals in life which you all know and had almost forgotten. But I need your comments indicating to me the appreciation, your questions, and how much you are prospering in your goal to reach your Soul mate, your career, your school, your happiness in life.

Please send me your questions!


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