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Love Must Be Private

 Love is the emotion which is at the root of who we are. Love affect us deeply in our integrity and beliefs; it is for this reason that we must protect our emotions of love and make sure no bullies play with us in this subject.

Yes, love must be private, very private and intimate, and this is why:

·    When you love, you open your heart to the influence of another human being.

·    When you love, you put your defenses down; therefore, you are at risk of being hurt emotionally.

·    If your love for your man is kept private by you, the amount of hurt that you will receive (in case things don’t work out) will be only in yourself. Contrary to this, when you love someone and advertise your feeling for him to others, then you will be twice hurt if he doesn’t feel the same way as you do and goes away. You will then feel the hurt in your privacy and also feel the hurt by the ridicule and sarcasm of others.

Please keep your emotion of love private; your peers influence you even when you don’t think so. Now, once he puts the ring in your finger… then you can tell him every day how much you love him, or better yet, do like Victoria does with me when she says, “I love you too much Vincent.”

Again, after we go through this analysis of evaluating the privacy of your feelings of love, it is easy to recognize how important it is to find the right partner, and to find the right partner you need all the help you can get.

Our Maker gave us the road maps to find our way in this confused world.

I managed to decipher the formula of putting you in the vicinity of your One-and-Only in my book Find Your Soulmate Through Astrology. In this book you will find the parameters of the birth dates of the men (or women) that may match with you.

Now it is up to you! Start screening candidates and concentrate on getting the guy that carries the other half of your Soul.



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