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Letter to My Readers- Part 2


Thank you all for your comments, 

I am an author of several published books on the subject of relationships and the philosophy to better oneself. 


I started this site with the intention of selling some of my books and also to find out how many readers in the world believe like I do and are willing to do a little work to attain a better world and future for themselves.


Although this project is only six month old, its success has overcome everyone's expectations on my team.


I have been asking you all to send me your comments since last month, and some of you have complied, writing your appreciation to my blogs. It seems a great number of people appreciate the knowledge that I put in these blogs; I was not aware the world needed me.


These results have brought me to the realization that together we (you all and I) can turn this site into a learning place; a place in the World Wide Web where people of all ages, different race, and different social status can come to visit and benefit from the ideas and knowledge that we are exposing here.


Our mission will be to learn “The Meaning of Life,” and in the process we will bring clarity to different subjects that are at the center of our self-growth, happiness, and better ways to live like a civilized people that we are.


After you read my blogs you may have some questions; I implore you to write me your questions and your comments. This action on your part is how your mind will be able to capture better the meaning of my blogs, as the answer to the question bring clarity from a different angles, since the questions will be from different authors.


Consider this exercise of writing your questions to be the price of your admission.

Why do you like this site?

Here are some of the reasons,

       You like this site because the articles talk to you.

       They speak to your needs.

       They express your own frustrations.

       They give answers to complex scenarios in your own life.

       They bring clarity to subjects that are confusing to you. Etc. Etc.


Please send your comments and your questions. I need your participation in the form of opinions to keep the genre of my writtings interesting.


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