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Letter to My Readers – 12430

I receive, quite often. comments from you to write more in a particular subject.

I thought the knowledge was all there for you to see, but maybe I haven’t arranged the thoughts properly and that is why you do not capture its meaning fully.

I will tell you the secret, “It is part of my plan.” Yes, it is part of my plan to teach you; but a good teacher first has to, “Awaken the interest in the student so he/she can open his/her mind to learn.”

My job through this blog is to send you bits and pieces of information on different topics related to love and romance in a cryptic way, so you can awaken your curiosity and get excited about it, and come back to get more. It is like the game at Easter, “I hide the Easter eggs and you get excited and play with me at finding them.”

As you find the bits of information (the Easter eggs) you benefit from its contents and also with the pleasure you get finding them.

You must remember this when you are dealing with your kids, your employees, your pupils, people of your “Same Kind,” etc. These are points to remember:

      ·    A teacher is not very good if he can't get the student to learn.

      ·    A student doesn’t learn unless he/she gets interested in the lesson.

·    Good knowledge is not effective if it isn’t received by the person intended.


So, maybe a little frustration is developed in you as you get more involved on this site looking for answers to the questions that come into your life, but, don’t you think that getting you excited is more important than allowing you to live in a lethargic state?

Here is something to remember when you get frustrated:

·    Your expectations may not be at the right level.

·    You may think you are more knowledgeable in the subject you are reading than what you really are, and as you fail to understand my writing, then you get frustrated.


Some people (mostly young men) allow their ego to rule over their reasoning and then they look for ways to ridicule the author of the article. The best way to deal with the emotion of frustration is by recognizing, “Knowledge takes frustration away; therefore, I need to learn more”.  


For all of you that consider this information to be interesting, it is very important to follow your instinct and pursue this philosophy, “It is the fertile silt in which the beautiful flowers will be born, bringing their beauty to your life to make you happier.”

Where do you find the philosophy that this author is providing you?

Answer; Find all the material that this author has dished into the world up to now and read, read, read….. Great horizons are waiting for you.


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