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Is My Partner In-love Influencing Me?


Well, is he/she influencing you?


We are born with an independent mind and our own way of thinking. 


We also think we are all powerful thinking with our own independent mind.


We think no one can change or influence us about what we like or dislike.


On and on we go thinking and are totally convinced of our own integrity and self-righteousness.

I proved to you in other blogs that most people are easily influenced by clever advertising, especially if that advertising is of a negative nature and attaches fear to the message.

Another proof of this is discovered as we become aware of the enormous amount of money that is spend every year in advertising. This advertising is being created for the purpose of influencing the way that its viewers think to get them to buy their products.


  • The people who sell alarms puts an add on the TV showing a burglar breaking into a house and stealing the money and possessions of the house owners. Therefore, the ad uses fear to motivate you.
  • House insurance show adds about the house being demolished and the owners losing everything they own. Again, fear.
  • Politicians point out the skeletons of their opponents to influence you (by fear) to reject their opponent and to give them your vote. Not a single moment is spent on showing the good deeds that their opponent did during their political careers.
  • The ministers and clergymen of religions have invented “The Devil,” also a place called “Hell,” Satan, etc. etc., for the purpose of bringing fear to you so you will come to them for protection and guidance.

 Yes, you are going to be influenced by others, and (especially) you are going to be influenced by your partner in love.

 So, how do you know for sure that the influence that you receive from your loved-one is going to be for a better future for you?

 The answers as always lie on being true to yourself: 

  • Is the realization of your dreams in conflict with the opinion of your partner?
  • Is your partner’s opinion wrapped with fear or excessive worry? 
  • Does your partner's input have your dreams and best interests at heart?

 The main reasons of why I am of such clear thinking and understanding of what is important in my life is because:

  • Since childhood I dismissed people who brought negative thinking to my dreams and projects.
  • I have always been an advocate of fighting fears in any form or shape.
  • I have never surrounded to fears, even when they were hard to conquer.
  • My Soulmate, Victoria, has my dreams and best interest in her heart. (I am much clearer in my thinking in the last decade of my life living with her than with all my previous life.)

 Please, do not think that you are all mighty and do not get affected by the negative thinking that surrounds you every day of our life.

 Take action and:

  • Get my books to help you find your Soulmate.
  • Learn to protect yourself by practicing “The Umbrella”.
  • Do not completely trust anybody or anything. When in doubt verify the information keeping your best interest at hand.
  • Be selfish (my version and not Webster’s).
  • Be good to yourself and prosper.
  • Love is not "An exchange of interest." Love is "Self-fulfilling.”


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