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How to Communicate with this Author


 Some of my readers ask me “How to communicate with you?”

The purpose of this project is to bring light to the world. By approaching the subject of relationships in a philosophical way, the best way to do this is by involving all the people that think my writing mean something to them to get involved. That is why the only way to communicate with me is through this site.


This is how the communication should occur. 


A blog is in this page that you like, enjoy or agree with it… then you place a comment indicating why you do like the comment and also your appreciation (which is the payment for me, for taking my time to write the article. This way you may not feel guilty for having received the pleasure of my article and not paying anything for it. Your 'thank you' is my reward for my work, therefore your conscience should be clear.)


Next for you, will be to put all these ideas to work in your life, maybe one at the time, but all these ideas are for you to implement in your world.

You will be coming back to read more of my articles but your new actions and responses to people of your own world will create change in your life and therefore a new world for you will appear in your horizon.

You then (as you keep visiting this site) will understand better what is that I am teaching here, you also will have more courage to say to the world about your ideas and your actions as they change the results of your own life.


Next is for you to comment in this site and express the fruits of your labor;


EJ. “Vincent, I practice the Umbrella like you indicated in your blogs and the results were fabulous, I was able to have an interview with my boss and he saw my ability to not get upset at customers that were annoyed of our services or products. He tried hard in the interview to annoy me by acting like a customer really pissed by some defective merchandize. I had been practicing your umbrella with my cousin to get ready for that interview and I was ready and in command of my emotions. The result was that I got a raise and a new title, now I am VP of human resources in our company. This things that you teach really work. Thank you Vincent for your kindness and good soul. Amanda”


Or. Another example

“Vincent, your blog gave me purpose, I was very shy (I still am) but I followed your advice and through myself in the arena, I love this girl for years but never had the courage to say hi to her. Through a friend I found out we both match according to your formula, she is Cancer and I am Pisces and the days of the month match also. We met and she likes me!!! I can’t thank you enough.. Richard”

Yes, this is how we should communicate, I teach, you read and learn, you practice what you learn, (what good is it if you do not practice it) I see that what I teach is doing good to some of you, that gives me payment and passion to write more, you keep coming back to learn more and influence others…. “The Circle of Good Life”

 Thank you for visiting.





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