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How to Catch your Dreams

As I read the responses to my blogs I start to figure out what is the main reason that most people can’t reach their dreams. The circumstances in different people are not the same, but the main principal that creates the problem seems to be identical. To define the problem in one single word, I would say that the name of this problem is “Exposure.” Yes, people search the web and try to look for things of interest. Women try to find their man and search the web to see where this guy is, but even when they may have come close to him they still remain in the shadows.


The following are some suggestions to get closer to your dreams:


  1. Get a face. Yes, put a face in your email so other people can see what you look like. Without a face you indicate that you like to live in the shadows and that is the equivalent of spying on others.
  2. Have an opinion. When you visit a blog site don’t be afraid to leave a comment on the blogs, that is the reason why the blogs are there in the first place.
  3. Be truthful and nice. Just remember that the creator of the blogs have put work to create them and he deserves your respect. If you do not enjoy the site simply leave but never ever say bad things about it. 

The reason I ask you to behave this way is because it is not about other people, but it is about yourself. How you behave will determine the results that you will get. By the way, without a face it is going to be hard to find your Soulmate. Also your opinions matter in order to further your education and self-growth; it is as you evaluate the responses to your comments that you get to realize which aspects of your behaviors give you the results that you like. Sometimes the responses that you receive are not what you like or expected, but after a short analysis you may agree that they are good for you.


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