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Faith Plus Action = Reality


In past articles I indicated that I did not believe in faith as such. The reason being is because Faith hasn’t been analyzed properly to discover its powers or how it works. This study is the department of our religious leaders, but like I said before, “Our spiritual leaders got stuck in Kindergarten material and do not do their job like they are meant to do it.”

Faith obviously has a mission in our lives because it exists and we believe in it. Again, too much of anything is not so good for us. The same is with faith; too much faith will stop you from putting forth action to your problem or situation; therefore, your life won’t improve. 

Some people go to such extremes believing in faith that they may quote, “What makes Hope Reality is Faith.” 

I am of a different belief. Our Creator created the Garden with all the ingredients, but it is up us to cultivate and grow the food and flowers in it. Therefore, faith is one of the ingredients of the Garden, but we must put forth action with that ingredient to be able to get the results needed (the food and flowers), and then all of that will equal to the reality of our lives. 

That is why I often say, “Everyone gets what he or she deserves to get.” Off course, as you change the actions, adding or subtracting different amounts, and you also measure the proper amount of faith, then the results will also change. Then you will get what you deserve to get, only this time it will be different than the time before.

So, please let us surmise what we are learning in this article,

a)   We have the ingredient in our mind, faith.

b)   It is required that we put forth action to our dreams and goals (living your life with purpose).

c)   For better results, we must measure the proper amount of faith with as much of our action as possible in order to get the best results possible.

Yes, our Maker is very kind to us, and we have in our path all the ingredients for a wonderful life,

     a)    Are we too lazy to take advantage of it? 

     b)    Are we paralyzed from the negative that occupy our minds?

     c)    Now that we know the reasons, are we prepared to do something about it?

If you believe in God, know that you will have to answer for your deeds. 

The fastest way to bring your vessel in the right direction is for you to find your Soulmate. Without this wonderful person, you have only half of your oars in the water.




P.S.  Please also send me your questions.

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