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I have been reading the comments my followers leave me and that inspires me to write more and focus in the more important problems that I identify in other folks.

One of the problems that I see is their "Expectations." Yes, in most cases their expectations are not at the proper level and that is the reason for the disappointments. When the disappointments are to great, action stops and our dreams are not able to be reached.

So it is all correlated, one action brings us into another and the results are in relation to the value of our actions. That is why I often remind you “You are where you are because you deserve to be there.” But, if you change your direction and then you become more happy and great, then you also will deserve to be happier and great.

It is up to us, and that is why I am taking my time to bring clarity through this web site, so you all that are in search of your dreams (and haven’t forgotten them completely) can identify your problem and bring action to correct it.

So after my analysis in this I consider the subject of “Expectations” to be very important to tell you all.

Most people consider “The Dreams” to be our most important assets, but they forgot how to protect those dreams. As you think about it you will agree with me that The Dreams can be killed. Dear reader, you probably had dreams in your past and now they do not occupy your mind, so you understand and know what I am talking about.

So, in your past you had your dreams and they went into oblivion. Okay, let’s try again, but this time with the protection of the proper “Expectations.”

The thoughts in your mind should be along these lines,

  • Keep the dream alive but expect little results at first.
  • Know that at the beginning you will be moving at snail’s pace, this way you will not get disappointed and forget your goal.
  • Have common sense. Please do not take credit cards thinking it is free money and expect this action to help your dreams. There is no free money, and even if there was free money you will do well not to take it because it will conflict with your purpose in life, “To work and create your dreams by your own way and means.” That is why gambling and playing the lottery is wrong for the attainment of your dreams. Besides you lose every time you play and do not win. It also creates a bad habit.
  • By focusing in your dreams, thinking on them every day, your mind will find a way to make them happen. Your expectations on the immediate results are small, but you know that results are happening even if they are not visible at the moment, your mind is working towards this goal.
  • Yes, expectations are the protectors or the killers of your dreams. Please be reasonable and take the best for yourself. You are a product of our Creator, and as such you have the obligation to be the best you can be for his/her glory and for your own enjoyment and satisfaction.



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