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This article was created as the result of watching the primaries of the Republican Party. Those candidates have been bashing our President for way too long. You may think by now they must have realized that bashing people is not a good policy for anybody, in any case or in any mater, (we really need a major third political party to get ideas in the works). Anyway, in my humble opinion, our President and a great number of businessmen in this country and also around the world are responding to the laws of “Evolution”.

Here is how evolution happens,

  • Bullies push people around until the day someone brings them to their knees and then they evolve into being more submissive and human.
  • You go in the field for a nice picnic afternoon with your family, and out of the blue, a storm comes and you all get soaking wet, then you evolve into being more cautious and bringing an umbrella next time you go on a picnic.
  • A country gets to the brink of financial collapse and then everybody becomes more cautious spending money; therefore, the economy suffers because there are more products than customers.
  • A government takes over a country that was o the verge of bankruptcy, and then our president and his cabinet imposes regulations to prevent that kind of crises to happen again. This in turn restricts businesses from operating same as their crazy ways of the past, and that slows commerce and finance.


It is the same similar way in your life:


  • You started with your first love thinking that it was for a life time and as you grow and fall apart and divorced you become more cautious and preventive.
  • You got hurt in your previous relationship; therefore, you evolved thinking there are ghosts all over the place.
  • A cat gets burned in hot water, then evolves thinking all water is going to be hot and hurt him; therefore, he runs away from any shape of water.
  • You expect to get rich from your venture and it will not happen at your first attempt, then you evolve into frustration and frustration evolves into stopping your actions.


Yes, evolution is a good way to measure your life.


  • What have you evolved into since the past two, five, ten years?
  • Are you happy to be in the place that you are?
  • Is your ego trying to find the culprit?


Please do not bring blame to bear like those idiot politicians that are bashing our President. The answers are still available for you, and your time and effort should be on improving your life by increasing the level of your happiness.

I will give you a hint: "Get your Umbrellas for protection and stay away from negative thinking, bullies, people that want to give you pie in the sky, etc. Once your mind is unchained from those negative thoughts you will be on your way to your true destiny."

It isn’t that you are not clever enough. It is that you have been sabotaging yourself or allowed others to sabotage your potentials for a long time.


Ps. Please get your Soulmate in your life, for you can’t reach the sky by yourself. You need the person that carries the other half of your Soul to make your journey wonderful.

Pps. I am not telling you something that has happened to others two-thousand years ago, and therefore there is not proof. I am telling you what is happening to me every single day of my life, and the quality of these teachings are as good a proof as any.



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