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The Rose In the Road (Continuation)

In a previous blog I said, “Beautiful flower I want to be the wind that caresses your beauty, breathe your perfumes and adores you in my silence…..”

But the flower did not respond to me in my expected language; instead, she displayed her majestic beauty as the wind was caressing her and carrying the delightful aroma of her pollen into the world.

I could not transform myself and be the wind since I did not have yet the magic, but I wanted to enjoy her presence.

Her colors were getting more vivid and intense as I was getting closer to her… but I had to remind myself of the delicacy of her being a flower, and I stepped back for fear of damaging her sensitive nature. She seemed to get affected by my action as her colors appeared to dim in intensity as I was moving away.

Her response awoke my curiosity. I repeated my action and got closer to her.  Again, her colors intensified with my proximity indicating a response. “She loves me! ” I thought.  She gets sad as I move away, and she brightens her colors indicating my presence is of her liking.

She speaks to me in her own language but her emotions are clearly indicated by the intensity of her colors and the radiance of her posture. I will treat her gently putting my utmost attention on her responses, and her body language will indicate her needs to me.

Oh gentle flower! How beautiful it is to share your presence, breathe your perfumes, understand your delicacy, and adore you in my silence. These give me the inspiration to create melody that describes how wonderful is to be alive.


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